Faqs & Testimonials


Which geographical areas do you work in?

Most of my work happens in Tauranga but I often travel to Te Puke and Katikati etc.

Are you able to undertake all jobs?

I usually undertake all jobs. However if the project calls for specialised services that are beyond my area of expertise, then I will inform you right away.

Have you got the right tools?

I have a fully equipped mobile workshop along with other tools. Occasionally, I hire specialised equipment
eg. A cherry picker etc.

Handy Man


Martin has been taking care of handyman tasks in my home and business for the past 12 years. Whether its fixing guttering or hanging new doors, lifting floor tiles or weatherproofing wood, Martin has been quick, highly-skilled and reliable. Best of all, I know I can trust him to work in my home when I'm not there, and in my business with regard to a professional environment.
Judi, Media Matters & Associates.

I have known the handyman, Martin Horne, for over ten years. Martin has maintained my three properties in Mount Maunganui during that period and continues to do so.

I unhesitatingly recommend his services to anyone who requires property maintenance and general up keep on those properties on a continuing basis or for jobs that may crop up needing more than just a home- handyman skill level.

I have never had cause to be unsatisfied with his work. His concentration on the job in hand for the client is exceptional as I have had experience of others who do not aspire to Martin's standards.

I have found him utterly reliable, punctual, trustworthy in respect to unsupervised access to my properties, keeping his word and his quotations accurate. His skills are excellent and his advice is sound. His equipment is sound, safe and reliable. I have never had a complaint on his house and grounds work for my properties. His interaction with my tenants has been practical, polite and diplomatic. I have never had a complaint from them in respect to Martin's work.

He has been thoroughly businesslike in our mutual dealings. Martin will not let you down.

Michael A Talbot (Airline Pilot)
Ten years ago I came to live in Tauranga and needed help to get my home sorted my way. Martin was referred to me by a Carpet Layer and I employed him.
He built pantries, shelves, hung curtains, attached supports in bathroom sorted plumbing problems, waterblasted concrete, repaired garage roof, killed prickle weed in lawn, set up self watering system for garden
and became my friend for life.
Over the years he has kept my place as I want it and also kept an eye on me as I got older. I do appreciate him and wish him well
Lindsay Nicholl (Retired Teacher), Welcome Bay Tauranga.